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clean it

clean it is the cleaning set for your consumer electronics. The combination of four specialized tools will get your favourite electronics sparkling clean again!

Connector cleaner

Ideal for loosening dirt in the charging port. The tip of this tool also reaches delicate and deep-lying areas of your devices where it can remove dirt.

Note: Switch off your device before using it to avoid a short circuit or electric shock! Use only a little pressure.

Cleaning putty

Cleans speaker grilles and co.
The putty gently removes even the smallest and stuck-on dirt particles and makes your consumer electronics shine.

Knead three times to activate. Then do not press on too hard and pull off with a tug.

Cleaning stick

Loosens and removes dirt from edges - without scratching.
This tool can be used to gently remove large areas of dirt and stuck-on dirt.


Gently removes loose dust in deep areas.

Two degrees of hardness included: white for sensitive areas, black for coarser areas.

Three good reasons

How it works

Switch off your device before you start cleaning. Do not apply strong pressure to avoid scratches and damage.

Just clean it!

Smartphones, headphones and similar devices are used every day. Over time, dirt and dust accumulate and affect their function.




Clean what is important to you

You've tried everything, but your heat it® just doesn't work on your smartphone? Have your headphones ever had better sound? Or your tablet doesn't charge properly?
Just clean it.

Product information

Application areas

Smartphone, tablet, headphones, speakers, USB-C & Lightning ports and much more


1 connector cleaner, 2 sheets of cleaning putty (64 pieces), 2 cleaning brushes, 3 cleaning sticks